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The Art portfolio Bag backpack for artists!

Makes carrying drawing supplies to and from class as easy and painless as possible. No longer do you have to carry large portfolio cases on a shoulder or with a strap. It's 2019! Let's grab something from the future!

For years I've seen fellow students engineer their own solutions in an ad-hoc way, myself included.

I finally decided to make my own backpack bag after looking long and hard for a better solution and finding none.


This is what actual customers have said about their Ambi-Bag purchase!

Excellent purchase for safely carrying large photographs. I was really surprised at the quality for the price I paid ($15). Roomy inside and has a medium size additional pocket on the outside as well as a small/medium pocket inside. A very happy camper here!

--Jimmy D.

I love this case. As a graphic artist and graphic novelist it was an intense search for a case that could accommodate art work and pages of 15 x 20 and be a backpack at the same time. I bought 2 one for carrying artwork and another for storage. At first glance the case appears to be of high quality. I would recommend this case for anybody looking for a portfolio case that can double as a hands free backpack.


--Judy T.

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